Not a Happy New Year

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Here comes the Night of Shame. What an incredible way to end the year 2016. On top of it, also comes with a bang-  Analysis of the Night by an elected lawmaker who is also a minister. If Mr. Tharoor had consulted few of his fellow politicians for his latest book “An era of Darkness” , he would surely be advised to include pertinent point of the clothing tyranny forced upon us, which lingers till date. After such an amazing beginning of 2017, even atheists will start praying, not for the betterment but for the things not go further down from here. However, I’m sure this is not the nadir if the insanity to blame frivolously anything except the real cause for such situation, prevails. And I am truly saddened by the fact that Bangalore is one of the better ones among Indian cities in case of women safety, others are much worse.

We can only fathom about the real situation because only about 1 percent of Indian Women report to authorities in case of harassment (according to this survey). We have the same situation in case of this night of shame in Bangalore as well. Nobody is ready to come forward to file a complaint. The irony of the situation is that we all understand and can empathize with people not coming forward. We all know the pathetic situation of our law enforcement as well as judiciary. And even if you summon the courage to go through all this, there is a bigger problem which almost nobody even dares to overcome. Our society, it is us who is the biggest problem. Nobody wants to be judged by neighbours for getting involved in a legal issue, that too involving sexual harassment. It might be hard to believe but “WE” are the real problem but the fact remains that the Institutions like police and law enforcement as well as the government, are all made up of the people coming from our own backyard. It is even painful to think that the mob on the Bangalore streets on new year’s eve comprised common people not criminals. We know both the abusers and the victims were from those common people. The politicians making brazenly off-putting remarks, are elected by us. And they do not lose the next election when they openly show their feudal mindsets, actually in most cases they win because of it.

In spite of all this, I have faith in Bangalore and its culturally diverse demographics. In its entrepreneurial vibe which craves for the solution ignoring all the chaos. Maybe, the theists can pray to GOD for betterment, but all of us including theists, atheists and even the agnostics can start the discussion detaching the taboo label with such discourses. The victims should not be intimidated for what was not their fault. I’m sure if such discussions begin in Bangalore- in its entrepreneurial meet-ups, open mic stand-ups and school-college classrooms, we will move fast towards a much better situation. As a result of these discussions  many social as well as technical solutions may come up as well in order to tame the prevailing darkness. Maybe, what we couldn’t do in our society for safety of our Women, technology can. We can use MOOC to educate our younger as well as older generation about gender equality (for example Rethinking the Family, Sex and Gender ). We can make innovative devices for Women Safety.

Last but not the least, We can change ourselves.


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