Proposal to Ensure Snooping Rights of Government

Here is a special news report for more than 243,198,922 internet users in India. It is sure that since its not related to any celebrity scam or wardrobe malfunction most of us won’t give rat’s a** about it. And those who are educated enough to care would either pray to GOD for betterment or would hope for saviors like Shreya Singhal to take all the trouble again because we are religious people with firm belief that GOD is running this country and he is in habit of sending saviors all the time whenever required from ages and hence we don’t need to worry.

Our government has decided to surpass China from all the angles. Economically, almost every literate one (educated and uneducated both) knows, we can only surpass already slowing growth rate of that juggernaut economy but in absolute terms we are far behind whether its infrastructure, business, exports, GDP, GNP, per-capita income etc. So maybe our government’s idea is to at least do whatever it can, if not above mentioned things then why not the other things for which China is known all over the world.

And the best way to do that is to define new laws so loosely that you can make any interpretation you want. Remember 66A for which Shreya Singhal went to court, I’m sure people arrested by several state governments using 66A, would have already started saving their whatsapp and other messages as directed by the upcoming NATIONAL ENCRYPTION POLICY DRAFT or maybe not. Because most of them won’t even understand the language of the draft ( which appropriately serves the purpose of Government ). And for that matter, most of the Indian netizens aren’t even aware that which of the messaging services they are using, are encrypted.

But for those rare souls who want to know the intent of our government, you can go read this document here. And the enlightened souls who consider themselves responsible, we all know you are in minority, but at least we’ve learned this from our politicians that provoking minorities works most of the time, I would encourage you to mail your feedback and thoughts at

And for all the other people, whatever happens have fun until something falls on your own head. Why do you need to care when more than 243,198,922 people are laid back? And anyways God is always there to rescue, right?


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