Election gimmick for mango-people

In India we are in a much better condition, they said. Wondering whom are they? Our esteemed politicians. Better?? Compared to what? And to this they replied better than anyone who is worse than us. And that too with arrogance and no comprehensive example. But its not their fault maybe, it is really hard to come up with any example worse than us. Well, North Korea sometimes comes as a relief to all the worst ruled states like us (which conduct elections) as they can point their finger at the poor hermitmango man kingdom and say, they are worse than us but that is besides the point.

These days, even mango people understand that they are being fooled by the Election Gimmick all the time. Some of them say, we vote to choose not the best but the least worse. Its very surprising to hear such profound lines from them. But lets be honest, statements may seem intellectual but these are the same people who choose their least worse candidate in the same way as they choose their son or daughter in law for marrying their kids. Those choice criteria as we all know involves religion, cast, subcast, sub-subcast, eating-drinking habits, name and looks. And usually they have no idea in both cases about the person whom they are about to choose, its just the family name and financial status that matters the most. They choose not to meet the person more than once or twice in both cases till the main event (i.e. election & marriage) are over.

Well once again one of our state Bihar is on the brink of one more gimmick. These witty politicians use their wit to confuse us mango people a lot. We were playing easily our part by choosing candidates the way we choose bride/bridegrooms from a long time. And it was easy because there were not many options as well. But we don’t know how the hell these new parties sprung up with different “Ideology” theories. Well, we voted them too into the power for a change because it doesn’t matter anyway, we are well versed with getting worst treatment irrespective of who is at the helm. But now their ideologies seem to be very very flexible. They join anyone based on what even God doesn’t seem to know. And at the same time breakaway whenever they want. We are just too confused and if asked for the reason the only answer they have is their ideology. And it doesn’t make sense because you do one thing and give ideology as your reason and then you do completely opposite thing and again you say ideology is the reason. What is this ideology thing. It works as the universal answer and seems to be substituting the words like contradiction and hypocrisy.

But anyway, why am I being so serious, being a mango-man, I am happy with voter-id as a proof of my identity. well some of my friends have so much identity that they carry more than one such cards. But that’s just all okay, who cares, right?


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