Inception Proclaim

We are starting to make an attempt to point out the latent hypocrisy in our own deeds with a smiling face.

We are here to extend an apology for our own mistakes, that too with a smiling face.

We are never embarrassed to be ashamed on ourselves when we tend to be wrong.

Taking humour as our tool, we want to laugh at every fool (whether its us or else).

We are here not to judge. We are here to accept wide perspectives.

We are here with our opinion that may or may not qualify to be your companion.

Offense is certainly not  that we are aiming for & defense we won’t be seeking for.

We do not claim to be always right which mostly depends on viewer’s sight.

Finally, it is nothing but a naive attempt to laugh it off with every utterance.

right or wrong is nothing but illusion, selfish-creature’s figment of imagination.

Wondering!!!! who are we?
We are are no one but a section of your own society which takes life pretty lightly.


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