Not a Happy New Year

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Here comes the Night of Shame. What an incredible way to end the year 2016. On top of it, also comes with a bang-  Analysis of the Night by an elected lawmaker who is also a minister. If Mr. Tharoor had consulted few of his fellow politicians for his latest book “An era of Darkness” , he would surely be advised to include pertinent point of the clothing tyranny forced upon us, which lingers till date. After such an amazing beginning of 2017, even atheists will start praying, not for the betterment but for the things not go further down from here. However, I’m sure this is not the nadir if the insanity to blame frivolously anything except the real cause for such situation, prevails. And I am truly saddened by the fact that Bangalore is one of the better ones among Indian cities in case of women safety, others are much worse.

We can only fathom about the real situation because only about 1 percent of Indian Women report to authorities in case of harassment (according to this survey). We have the same situation in case of this night of shame in Bangalore as well. Nobody is ready to come forward to file a complaint. The irony of the situation is that we all understand and can empathize with people not coming forward. We all know the pathetic situation of our law enforcement as well as judiciary. And even if you summon the courage to go through all this, there is a bigger problem which almost nobody even dares to overcome. Our society, it is us who is the biggest problem. Nobody wants to be judged by neighbours for getting involved in a legal issue, that too involving sexual harassment. It might be hard to believe but “WE” are the real problem but the fact remains that the Institutions like police and law enforcement as well as the government, are all made up of the people coming from our own backyard. It is even painful to think that the mob on the Bangalore streets on new year’s eve comprised common people not criminals. We know both the abusers and the victims were from those common people. The politicians making brazenly off-putting remarks, are elected by us. And they do not lose the next election when they openly show their feudal mindsets, actually in most cases they win because of it.

In spite of all this, I have faith in Bangalore and its culturally diverse demographics. In its entrepreneurial vibe which craves for the solution ignoring all the chaos. Maybe, the theists can pray to GOD for betterment, but all of us including theists, atheists and even the agnostics can start the discussion detaching the taboo label with such discourses. The victims should not be intimidated for what was not their fault. I’m sure if such discussions begin in Bangalore- in its entrepreneurial meet-ups, open mic stand-ups and school-college classrooms, we will move fast towards a much better situation. As a result of these discussions  many social as well as technical solutions may come up as well in order to tame the prevailing darkness. Maybe, what we couldn’t do in our society for safety of our Women, technology can. We can use MOOC to educate our younger as well as older generation about gender equality (for example Rethinking the Family, Sex and Gender ). We can make innovative devices for Women Safety.

Last but not the least, We can change ourselves.


Proposal to Ensure Snooping Rights of Government

Here is a special news report for more than 243,198,922 internet users in India. It is sure that since its not related to any celebrity scam or wardrobe malfunction most of us won’t give rat’s a** about it. And those who are educated enough to care would either pray to GOD for betterment or would hope for saviors like Shreya Singhal to take all the trouble again because we are religious people with firm belief that GOD is running this country and he is in habit of sending saviors all the time whenever required from ages and hence we don’t need to worry.

Our government has decided to surpass China from all the angles. Economically, almost every literate one (educated and uneducated both) knows, we can only surpass already slowing growth rate of that juggernaut economy but in absolute terms we are far behind whether its infrastructure, business, exports, GDP, GNP, per-capita income etc. So maybe our government’s idea is to at least do whatever it can, if not above mentioned things then why not the other things for which China is known all over the world.

And the best way to do that is to define new laws so loosely that you can make any interpretation you want. Remember 66A for which Shreya Singhal went to court, I’m sure people arrested by several state governments using 66A, would have already started saving their whatsapp and other messages as directed by the upcoming NATIONAL ENCRYPTION POLICY DRAFT or maybe not. Because most of them won’t even understand the language of the draft ( which appropriately serves the purpose of Government ). And for that matter, most of the Indian netizens aren’t even aware that which of the messaging services they are using, are encrypted.

But for those rare souls who want to know the intent of our government, you can go read this document here. And the enlightened souls who consider themselves responsible, we all know you are in minority, but at least we’ve learned this from our politicians that provoking minorities works most of the time, I would encourage you to mail your feedback and thoughts at

And for all the other people, whatever happens have fun until something falls on your own head. Why do you need to care when more than 243,198,922 people are laid back? And anyways God is always there to rescue, right?

Election gimmick for mango-people

In India we are in a much better condition, they said. Wondering whom are they? Our esteemed politicians. Better?? Compared to what? And to this they replied better than anyone who is worse than us. And that too with arrogance and no comprehensive example. But its not their fault maybe, it is really hard to come up with any example worse than us. Well, North Korea sometimes comes as a relief to all the worst ruled states like us (which conduct elections) as they can point their finger at the poor hermitmango man kingdom and say, they are worse than us but that is besides the point.

These days, even mango people understand that they are being fooled by the Election Gimmick all the time. Some of them say, we vote to choose not the best but the least worse. Its very surprising to hear such profound lines from them. But lets be honest, statements may seem intellectual but these are the same people who choose their least worse candidate in the same way as they choose their son or daughter in law for marrying their kids. Those choice criteria as we all know involves religion, cast, subcast, sub-subcast, eating-drinking habits, name and looks. And usually they have no idea in both cases about the person whom they are about to choose, its just the family name and financial status that matters the most. They choose not to meet the person more than once or twice in both cases till the main event (i.e. election & marriage) are over.

Well once again one of our state Bihar is on the brink of one more gimmick. These witty politicians use their wit to confuse us mango people a lot. We were playing easily our part by choosing candidates the way we choose bride/bridegrooms from a long time. And it was easy because there were not many options as well. But we don’t know how the hell these new parties sprung up with different “Ideology” theories. Well, we voted them too into the power for a change because it doesn’t matter anyway, we are well versed with getting worst treatment irrespective of who is at the helm. But now their ideologies seem to be very very flexible. They join anyone based on what even God doesn’t seem to know. And at the same time breakaway whenever they want. We are just too confused and if asked for the reason the only answer they have is their ideology. And it doesn’t make sense because you do one thing and give ideology as your reason and then you do completely opposite thing and again you say ideology is the reason. What is this ideology thing. It works as the universal answer and seems to be substituting the words like contradiction and hypocrisy.

But anyway, why am I being so serious, being a mango-man, I am happy with voter-id as a proof of my identity. well some of my friends have so much identity that they carry more than one such cards. But that’s just all okay, who cares, right?

Inception Proclaim

We are starting to make an attempt to point out the latent hypocrisy in our own deeds with a smiling face.

We are here to extend an apology for our own mistakes, that too with a smiling face.

We are never embarrassed to be ashamed on ourselves when we tend to be wrong.

Taking humour as our tool, we want to laugh at every fool (whether its us or else).

We are here not to judge. We are here to accept wide perspectives.

We are here with our opinion that may or may not qualify to be your companion.

Offense is certainly not  that we are aiming for & defense we won’t be seeking for.

We do not claim to be always right which mostly depends on viewer’s sight.

Finally, it is nothing but a naive attempt to laugh it off with every utterance.

right or wrong is nothing but illusion, selfish-creature’s figment of imagination.

Wondering!!!! who are we?
We are are no one but a section of your own society which takes life pretty lightly.